30. The ones with the Interviews 1/5

Name: Candelaria Age: 24 Dream occupation: some sort of international planner that gets to travel the world and work in planning all over the place. Current occupation: None, travelling for the next few months, yayyy What have you thought about your year in Australia? Amazing. I’ve gotten to see most of the places and things … Continue reading 30. The ones with the Interviews 1/5

29. A Portrait of Adelaide

Welcome to my mini Adelaide gallery. Here are some of my favourite shots and moments on my recent trip. It was difficult to choose a theme to focus on for this experience - solo traveling and loneliness; wayfinding, legibility and bus rapid transit; small towns, crystals and cappuccinos - the list goes on. I ultimately … Continue reading 29. A Portrait of Adelaide

25. Reasons to wash your fruit

So you’ve been feeling guilty, finally went to the store and bought some produce. Good on ya. Maybe you saw someone’s instagram post of their brunch overflowing with berries, or read up on the benefits of kale and swiss chard and caved. Either way, you’re sitting there scratching your head about how to eat all … Continue reading 25. Reasons to wash your fruit