32. The ones with the Interviews 3/5

Name: Natasha

Age: 24

Dream occupation: this one got me stumped. I would like to say something like hiking trail guide but then I miss my office work.

Current occupation: consultant, municipal finance

What have you learned/what do you know about keeping in touch with friends abroad? I thought I’d be harder. Technology sure does make it easier (as does a phone plan with lots of data) but snail mail is awesome too.

What are some of your travel goals for this year? The remainder of 2018? Just Paris and Iceland. For a full year? I have to figure out a honeymoon!! Ideally Galapagos, but realistically anywhere would be great! Preferably with a beach!

Recent song you listened to: I’m gonna love you – Meaghan Trainor

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself over the course of this last year? (Doesn’t have to be travel related) I can do stuff! There’s been lots of auditing recently and turns out I’m capable of stuff! Renovations, wedding, new job, buying big important stuff – I can do that! It’s been a year of growth and responsible stuff.

Last words and thoughts: Miss you! Try all the vegan places for me!!

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