30. The ones with the Interviews 1/5

Name: Candelaria

Age: 24

Dream occupation: some sort of international planner that gets to travel the world and work in planning all over the place.

Current occupation: None, travelling for the next few months, yayyy

What have you thought about your year in Australia? Amazing. I’ve gotten to see most of the places and things I’ve wanted to see (Uluru, I’m coming for you next year), met so many people and made new friends, finished the dreaded 88 days and have had a blast through it all.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do? Yes and no. No because one of my goals was to get a job in my field and I have not done that yet. Yes because the main reason for coming here was to live abroad and travel and that’s what I’ve done.

What are some of your goals for this year? This calendar year? Or the next year in Australia? If so then to get a job/internship in planning.

Recent song you listened to: Men at Work – Down Under

Do you feel there’s stigma about traveling abroad and taking time to travel? No, not really. So many more people now are doing what we did and taking time travel and experience other countries. The older generations sometimes don’t think it’s the best idea but I don’t think there’s stigma with people of our generation.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself? I don’t know how to sit at home and do nothing for more than one day. During farm work we lived in a very small town and when we had two weeks off work I almost went crazy with nothing to do. In Bianca’s words, “I need to learn how to do the chill.”

Last words & thoughts: I miss my original roomies Bianca and Lia and we need to meet up again ASAP!!!!!