31. The ones with the Interviews 2/5

Name: Bianca Trelle

Age: 23 (soon to be 24)

Dream occupation: Freelance graphic designer

Current occupation: currently grafting trees in Tasmania

What have you thought about your year in Australia? What haven’t I thought about? Family. Friends. My goals and accomplishments. My dreams. My goals. My fears. My future career.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do? In some ways I definitely did. And in others, I accomplished things that I never thought of.

Recent song you listened to: You’ve Got the Love – Florence + the Machine

What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself? Oh man. I think the main thing I’ve learned about myself is that it’s okay to put yourself first sometimes, and that’s what I’ve been doing.

What are some of your goals for this year? I’d really like to visit some new places in Australia. Continue pushing myself and living out of my comfort zone. It’d be nice to land some sort of design job, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Do you feel there’s stigma about traveling abroad and taking time to travel? I think that a lot of people think it’s scary or lonely or even dangerous to travel abroad, but it really is the exact opposite. You know, you meet so many interesting people along the way… even when you’re not trying to. And when you’re in a hostel or in an airport or on a bus, you are anything but lonely. And I think if anyone has the opportunity to travel abroad, or travel of any kind, do not hesitate for a second! Take the leap and go somewhere!

Last words & thoughts: I left Canada a year ago thinking that I’d be here for 365 days and that’s it! End of journey. End of adventure. Back home I go… I never thought I’d be completing farm work, applying for my second year visa, and getting ready to set out on new adventures with you girls. This wonderful land of Oz has officially captured my heart!

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