29. A Portrait of Adelaide

Welcome to my mini Adelaide gallery. Here are some of my favourite shots and moments on my recent trip. It was difficult to choose a theme to focus on for this experience – solo traveling and loneliness; wayfinding, legibility and bus rapid transit; small towns, crystals and cappuccinos – the list goes on. I ultimately settled the takeaway from my trip was the theme of creation. From the emerging baby animals and astounding local art, inspiration was in the air and Spring with it.

I will say though, there are so many benefits to traveling in the off season. Australia in August is more lush and approachable without the heat. My tour groups were  small and I was able to accomplish everything on my list (and more!). South Australia has a lot to offer and I can’t wait to go back!

Remarkable Rocks, 2018.

The Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island are a 1.5h drive from Adelaide’s CBD. A granite formation on an island mostly made from limestone and crusted sand dunes, the rocks are a remarkable anomaly. Created under immense pressure, the site is a massive, natural-made playground. There was a lot of joy (and danger) walking among these rocks on the top of a sheer cliff. Just don’t get thrown over by a selfie stick.

Sea  Lions, Seal Bay, 2018.

Sea lions are adorable with their golf balls sized eyes and long whiskers. Easy to see why they’re nicknamed sea dogs, they love sleep and lounging. They are awkward on land, but can run faster than we can if they want to. This particular colony of sea lions is endangered and heavily protected. Their population continues to shrink at 1-2% per year due to heavily polluted waters, fishing industries and a long gestation period. Mum and pup above, a group of females having a lie-in below.

Koala and Baby, Hanson Bay Sanctuary, 2018.

Taken at one of the few places where you can consistently see wild koalas on Kangaroo island. These little guys love living at the very tops of trees (I have many photos of blurry, furry, sleeping bums) which makes them difficult to see. Koalas eat eucalyptus, and sleep for 22 hours a day so it was pretty lucky this mum and baby were active when the tour was there.

Two-bit Villains, Adelaide Arcade, 2018.

Sitting in the former ballroom of this historic arcade, the ambiance was interesting to say the least. My journal notes, “I can’t help thinking, maybe the millennials aren’t blameless after all. This soda shoppe has opted for full-on hipster, complete with old typewriter, golf lawn flooring and wicker furniture. I’m sitting between an old radio, records, and tiki torches. At least the owners aren’t trying to take themselves too seriously in this grand old ballroom.” It was so tacky what they made of it. Amazing cream soda though.

Adelaide Sunset, 2019.

Glenelg Memorial, 2018.

This pavilion and square were beautiful. Adelaide could set records for its cleanliness and amazing beaches. So many people were out enjoying the water (and rowing!) along with dogs and families lounging on the pier.

Adelaide has a population of around 1.3 million people. Traffic was really light and it was straightforward to get around on public transit, minus the lack of advertising for the free bus loop. You can reach Glenelg from Adelaide on the only remaining tram line in the city, making it easy and accessible.

Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty Summit Hike, 2.1km in, 2018.

This was one rewarding and hard hike. It didn’t help that I walked to the base of the mountain before the actual hike (7.5km already), so it was one hell of a workout. The small bump on the hill is a tiny lighthouse, which was my final destination. This hike took me 2.5 hours roughly with all my pauses, and I took a bus on the way down haha. I was proud of myself at the summit.

In total, I walked 27km over the course of two days. I wore my new balance running shoes (not sponsored) and they were slippery on the hills and tough incline. My hat goes off to the mountain goat seniors who were practically skipping ahead of me on the trail. Also don’t fuss about carrying too much water, you’re gonna need it.


Selfies, 2018.

I traveled by myself so I took my own photo thanks.

Admiral’s Arch, 2018.

One last shot of Kangaroo Island. I took a day trip and saw all the highlights in the same day. As a single person, this was ideal because I didn’t have to hire a car and still got to see everything. I could see this tour being stretched out for two days for sure, but this worked for me.

I also did a wine tour of the Barossa valley (no question why there aren’t good photos from that day) and I’d recommend staying in the valley and doing a hop-on, hop-off tour up there. I had never done bus tours before, let alone bus tours by myself, so two one-day tours were a good place to start for me. I also did a fair bit of exploring in the city, in North Adelaide, Norwood, Rundle St East and the Entertainment area.

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