28. A word

I wanted to jump on here and write a post about appreciation.

I appreciate a lot of people and things in my life right now. If you tapped me on the shoulder a year ago and told me how much happier and connected I feel, I would’ve had a difficult time believing you. I wasn’t expecting to learn lessons on the other side of the world about friends keeping track of time differences, or the value in putting aside time to chat. I didn’t think I’d learn to like cappuccinos as much as I have, or how I would decry how slow the postal system can be!

In truth, I feel much more fulfilled and less stressed. That’s a relief. Coming to Australia was the right step for me, and I don’t regret having traveled. Some days are hard when I miss friends and family, but I think these links and aches are reminders that a phone call, message or a quick photo are in order. I’m confident in my friends living beautiful, fulfilled lives, and this distance doesn’t change our friendship. To friendship & family love 💜

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