17. Year in Review

As we kiss 2017 goodbye, it’s fitting to reflect on the year. In no particular order and not for very long, here’s some things that happened in 2017.

I found out life is much better with prescription sunglasses.

I got to take care of Henry, my aunt’s cat.

I said goodbye to my beloved grandfather as he joined my grandma.

I graduated with my undergrad in urban and regional planning.

I realized I won’t be able to live the rest of my life without a journal to write in.

I bought a camera and started using it.

I got too many sunburns and took my cat to the vet too many times.

I saw invasion of the body snatchers.

I stopped seeing the neurologist and started getting better.

I reconnected with an old friend.

I learned a little about mental resilience.

I met someone who doesn’t like tomatoes and has the same taste in beer as me.

I got my first job in retail.

I survived a 41 degree day.

I played water polo again.

I got on a plane and moved to Australia for a year. And started this blog. 🙂

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