13. Road Trip

Over one wonderful week ago, we saddled up in a lil rented Toyota Corolla and drove for two straight days on the Great Ocean Road. What came out of that experience was the following:

  1. Always pack more snacks then you need.
  2. Drive on the right side. Buy the extra insurance.
  3. See a seagull, SQUACK!
  4. There must always be music playing, preferably 24/7 karaoke.
  5. Don’t lose your room key to the hostel in the first ten minutes.
  6. See kangaroos in the last ten minutes of the trip.
  7. Belly laughs make everything better.
  8. *whispers* koala-koala-koala-koala (gets out of car, no koala to be seen)
  9. Don’t go to the $20 lighthouse. Buy beer instead.
  10. Become much closer friends as a result.

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