11. The one with the 23 year old

The final exciting installment in which I interview the lovely people I’m living and traveling with for a year.

Name – Bianca Trelle

Age – 23 as of yesterday

Dream occupation – graphic designer (Editor’s note: Bianca is v ambitious/ talented/empowered & would like to have her own company one day v soon)

But currently applying for – *laughs* my imaginary graphic design job. Could you work in a bar? I think so.

Why did you come to Australia? – I graduated, with no luck finding a job. Candelaria told about moving to Australia, and I thought, if I never do it now, I never would. (Candelaria takes a bow in the corner).

Happy birthday! Are you a birthday person – Yes. My phone has 57 notifications right now. My donut was so good, it was my breakfast this morning. (Note: the donut was Bianca’s birthday cake. There was raw cookie dough on top + sprinkles).

What are your first impressions of Melbourne? Reminds me of the streets of Toronto and Paris, combined them, put them together and spat them back out.

What’s your favourite thing to cook? – Pasta. Because it’s comfort food and I’m Italian so.

What reminds you of home right now? – I feel nothing really reminds me of home yet.

What are your goals for this year? – Oh man.

  • Get a job.
  • Get an apartment.
  • Travel.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Live outside my comfort zone.
  • Go IN the water.
  • Take a picture with a Quokka. They smile, they’re so cute aw.
  • And have fun.

What’s one thing people don’t know about you? – I don’t know, I’m not sure. I’m gonna open up if I trust you so there’s not much hidden.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? – If we’re going out yes. Do you have a go-to costume? If I had to guess, a baby. Or something super nice easy like a cat. Maybe.

Go-to karaoke song? – there are several. And I am not ashamed. Pick one! My heart will go on..

Do you sing in awkward places? – the shower, the club, friends houses, nothing weird. The usual.

What do you think of the men in Australia? Oh my Lord. Heart eye emoji. I am dying hahaha.

Final thoughts or impressions – I’ve never been interviewed before so this is fun. *Slurp sound*

What’s with the rain Geller? – Bianca, about Melbourne weather.

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