10. Facts & Opinions

Have that grain of salt ready – some facts and opinions coming your way.

I’ve now been in Melbourne for twenty-one days. I have lived in a hostel for all of those days. I took and passed a course on how to serve alcohol responsibly. I laced up my ‘trainers’ and hit the ground running, applying online and in person for a bunch of jobs. I have shaken hands and sent many, many emails explaining how I’m a friendly Canadian looking to make connections. I also learned it’s very difficult to find an apartment for three people.

I’ve also noticed Australians are incredibly nice and forthright people. Because I appear Australian up until the moment I start talking, I can say I’ve bamboozled some when they start chatting to me about the weather, the AFL game, the play they’ve just seen, etc. I have also experienced the reverse – where I seriously cannot understand what’s going on and we both had to shake our heads and move on.

I can say living in student accommodation for as long as I did prepared me thoroughly for hostel life. Although I can say I had no intentions for staying here for as long as I did, I also need to recognize I’m doing it! I’m here with one of my best friends! Living in Australia! Living in the closest upside-down version of Toronto without copyright infringement.

Until the day comes where I don’t hear approximately 23 other languages while eating breakfast, I don’t think it’ll sink in that we made it, and everything is going to come together – job, housing, friends and a quality internet connection.

Having this time in limbo has also provided an opportunity to be available for options that I wouldn’t normally consider. What do I want to do for today? For this week? For this year and the year after? What about my career? Do I have to stick with planning or go in a different direction? Why not try being a bartender or waitress or barista and find purpose in that? Why not ask to speak to the manager and hand over your resume with confidence, and believe in yourself?

After all, it’s that chutzpah that landed you here. 


Listening to: You Would Have to Lose Your Mind, The Barr Brothers.

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