8. The First Eleven Days

I was perusing pictures and realized I’ve gotten in pretty deep in the world’s most liveable city. Check out below for the top 10 free things to do in Melbourne!

1. Gallery hop

Check! I’ve seen a couple of indie galleries and there’s definitely more on my list, including the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) with their VR tech. I was lucky enough to go to the Dior exhibit at the National Gallery of Victoria (NVG).

I’d also say the State Library exhibition about Ned Kelly and the founding of Victoria and Melbourne were pretty cool too. Lots of important context about Indigenous peoples and the cultural heritage in Australia.

2. Rooftop views

Anyone who knows me also is probably aware I’m not keen on heights. But I held my breath and stepped out on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, one of only four in the world.

I still outwardly groan looking at this.

Also getting on wasn’t free, shame.

3. Alleyways for days

Ouu public art! Loads everywhere, but the best instagram spots are the alleyways for sure. I took a sunny early morning stroll and saw many photoshoots in session. Some areas are commissioned, some more organic.

Oh hey laneway.

4. St. Kilda

Though it’s still spring in Melbourne, St. Kilda is a trendy area and a quick getaway from the city by tram. Eclectic buzz of bars and restaurants, people love easy access to the beach.

A coooold day in St. Kilda. I’ve been since but need more photos.

5. Fitzroy

Fitzroy stole my heart from the first time I walked through the area. Cool as a movie set and just as raucous, this neighbourhood is where I wanna be.

Any good bar pics of Fitz? No? Okay then.

6. Royal Botanical Gardens

Putting Allan Gardens in Toronto to shame, and almost giving Central park a run for its money all on its own, the Royal Botanical Gardens is immense and delicate. Amazing views, paths, cafes, and even a couple of gondalas to keep you going between the tiny islands, this is a gem near the heart of the city.

I wanna be here all the time.

7. State Library of Victoria

Not to be confused with the State Library of British Columbia, the State Library of Victoria is an jaw-dropping, thought-provoking place to spend an hour or day in. I’ve been back twice.

Did you know there’s little green bankers lamps in heaven?

8. Churches

Lots and lots of beautiful old churches here. One of my favourites has actually been converted in East Melbourne. The St Patrick’s Cathedral is also beautiful.

There’s residential uses in here!

9. The Shrine of Remembrance

I’m not gonna lie, the first time I came here, I may have teared up a little bit. I was a little overwhelmed at the scale and location of this memorial. It sits atop a large hill for better visibility along a major avenue. There’s also a Cenotaph to the immediate right of the shrine.

I’m not crying, you just hit me with a selfie stick.

10. Yarra River

This one’s personal for me, but I love walking near water. There’s also a bunch of rowing clubs right on the river and it’s great watching them go by, navigating some very challenging obstacles (namely, black swans, bridges, and tourist boats).

Let it run!

That’s all I can say about Melbourne for now. There’s lots more to eat, shop, say and do, but I think that’s a good start.

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