6. The flight & run

Currently 3:30 pm, feeling like 1 am.

Survived the flight! The gruesome summary:


– Peachy keen actually, nothing to report

– Flight attendants thought I was dating the cute guy beside me so woohoo me!


– Actual nightmare

– Plane departed an hour late due to first class caterers not having coffee pots, of all things not to have

– My connection was so tight the flight attendant announced which way to turn coming out of the gate and where to RUN

– Myself and 23 others deplaned before everyone else, to a chorus of “good lucks” from other passengers

– After sprinting, sat for pretty much 16 hours straight


– Adrenaline induced coma

– Amazed and thrilled my luggage also made the connection

Melbourne first impressions:

– Similar to Montreal in urban/industrial relationship

– “trams” and “lifts”

– Don’t believe the travel blogs, they wear jeans here!

– V quickly running out of cash but everything is closed!

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