5. It begins

I leave today! My goal is to get to the airport for around two.

If I had to describe how I’m feeling, I’d say it’s like being on a rollercoaster just before it starts. While you’re strapped in waiting for the operator to press the button, there’s this hollow feeling in your gut and your palms are slightly sweaty. Niiiice.

I also found out this morning that Malcom Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History released a second season at the start of the summer. I’d highly recommend it but only if you’re a Gladwellian. I also have new episodes You Must Remember This and Criminal, which I talk about pretty much non-stop. These have all been downloaded on my iPod all ready to go.

A really good friend to me once mentioned your attitude makes the difference. And focus on your breathing. I’ve decided despite my crappy plane seats, I’m going to enjoy the travel time.

Also this morning are some goodbyes, to mom and dad and Graham. I love you all and I’ll be in touch when I have wifi!

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