3. The Lead-up

I felt like today
was an ending of sorts. I had my final eval with my supervisor, cleaned up my workspace,
and once again, didn’t have very much to do. The past two weeks about have been
like this. I sit at my desk patiently and wait for daily paperwork to come in and
for phones to go off. 

On the whole, I have mixed feelings about this summer. For my evaluation, I didn’t do as well as I thought. I asked my supervisor “So, what can I do to improve?”

It was a strained silence on my end. But it came – “there’s almost nothing you could do to
improve. You already perform the job at such a high level and gotten as much as
you could out of it. The only thing would be to continue to be open and adapt
to change about the various decisions that are going to be made down the line
and continue to be flexible.

And then my supervisor
smiled, really, really hoping for a positive reaction. And then I thought of my aunt Karen, who said you
should always ask what you can do better, and you should always look for better opportunities.

It’s time to move on.

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