2. Preamble

We’re now well within
the one-month mark until my flight to Australia! Right now I’m trying to decide
how to proceed once I land. My flight is scheduled to arrive at 7:30 in the
morning, but it’ll feel like 9ish at night for me. I’ll have to wait a good
chunk until early afternoon to check in to a hotel to crash and get back on my
feet. I’ll also have all of my stuff with me, so it’d be nice not to have to
lug stuff around. I’m thinking I should check in my luggage in the hotel
(sometimes they do that), grab a coffee and go for a walk, maybe listen to a
podcast, and hunker down near a pool until I get a room.

Just ploughing through
some ideas. Mom also suggested we could book the hotel room the day prior,
which is expensive but negates this problem. Another alternative my Aunt thinks
is highly likely is my flights may be delayed or I’ll miss my connections. In this
event, I’d arrive much later and just walk into the  hotel room.

But ever the optimist,
let’s go with plan A, where I deplane at 8am, get my stuff and zombie shuffle
out of the Tullamarine airport by 9am, and then have some time to kill. Maybe a
trip to a spa? I can’t imagine wanting to do anything but lie down.

I also have to craft a
plan for how to survive the plane ride. I’m gonna get bored of sitting (who
wouldn’t?) but dad is telling me horror stories of blood pooling in your legs
and needing compression socks? Or avoiding socks with elastics whatsoever? This
shit wasn’t even on my radar. I do want to splurge and get one of those alien
neck pillows though, that seems necessary.

Another thing people
keep telling me is not to pack for summer the whole time. And I wholeheartedly
agree! Thankfully I don’t actually own a lot of summer stuff. Or this could be
a blessing in disguise to go shopping, I don’t know. I’ll
just slot that under the “we’ll see” category.

Right now I’m happily
typing this outside in my backyard with freshly painted nails, harry potter,
and lots of sunlight. Brilliant day to have off.

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